Natural taste from the farm!

100% naturally ripened

Naturally ripened in our orchard. Hand-picked based on maturity. By a family growing mangoes from decades.

Promote healthy eating

Carbide free and direct from the farm. Your purchase benefits the farmers to sell direct and eliminate middlemen. A win-win for both!

Our story

MangoTastic is a dream in response to consumer demand for healthy and naturally ripened mangoes. The purpose of this venture is to engage as many farmers as possible and be able to bring a change in the lives of farmers.

Our previous season was received well with lot of learnings that are addressed in current season. We are focused on displaying success and profits to farmers thereby gaining their confidence in MangoTastic and to further accelerate efforts in the years to come.

As a MangoTastic customer, one not only gains the best fruit from the mango growing regions of Karnataka but also contribute directly to bring a change in the lives of mango farmers.

We also engage corporates for setting up MangoTastic counters at their company campuses.

At our own Patapalli orchards and at our partners’ farms, mangoes are harvested over weeks and naturally ripened at own pack house with IIHR’s approved methods.

Pre-order today, associate with us and change the life of a farmer while savouring the lusciousness that MangoTastic has to offer!

Always fresh

Tree to consumer in 5-7 days, retaining fresh and natural taste. Pre-order the mangoes so that, you are assured of the harvest. Mangoes are freshly harvested, ripened and packed for delivery.

Direct from farmers

Share the pure goodness of nature, and the unforgettable taste of our mangoes, far and wide which is brought together by farmers joining hands with MangoTastic!

Year that went by

  • Mr. Kodanda Ram

    ( Former President, Lalbagh Flower Growers Assn, Bengaluru )

    MangoTastic is a dream of a farmer for a farmer and the entire farmer community. I have consumed mangoes from Patapalli Orchards which has launched the brand MangoTastic from farmers for consumers. They are the best nature’s gift as per me.

  • Santosh Gowda

    ( Veterinary Doctor, US )

    Natural taste is assured with right agricultural practices and I have seen this to be part of mangoes from MangoTastic. I have eaten mangoes from this farm in the past. We want you to fulfil the consumers’ demand for healthy and naturally ripened mangoes.

  • Prashanth HN

    ( Techie turned Dairy Entrepreneur, Chamarajnagar. )

    Just wanted to drop a note and say that you guys are awesome and its been a joy for our family to have received mangoes from Patapalli Orchards (MangoTastic now) from so many years. Mangoes are exceptional and especially, Alphonso (Badami), Banganapalli and Mallika. Wishing you all the very best!