Join us for a mango harvesting tour at Patapalli Orchards

We organise farm visits to Patapalli Orchards in Srinivaspur, Kolar district (approx 100kms from Bengaluru) on the second Saturday of between May and July months. Make the most of this opportunity to be a part of the harvesting process and pick fruits off the tree yourself to take home. Get your children and yourself educated on planting saplings, maintenance, mulching, harvesting and related activities. You would get to visit a plant nursery nearby.

The trip will be at nominal charges along with lunch as part of it. Those who opt will have to buy for at least five kilos of mango. Get to savour local cuisine like Idikina Bele saaru, Mosoppu palya / Saaru (Curry), mudde (Ragi ball) and other items.

NOTE: Temperatures could be a bit hot around 35-38 deg C and those who can withstand this are encouraged to take this tour.