Doorstep Delivery

Doorstep delivery option is available in Bangalore city only. Shipment is through our logistics partner and a nominal fee of Rs 80 per 3 kg box is charged to you. Additional boxes would be at Rs 30 per 3 kg box. Full payment must be made during CHECKOUT as the delivery personnel are not authorized to receive payment from you.

Corporate Stall

We’ll be glad to sell our mangoes at your office premises. Help us set up a MangoTastic counter on a designated day/s. To maximize your support, and minimize wastage, we encourage employees to pre-order so that, we can carry mangoes stock which is adequate for the demand.

Enquiry for Exports

Patapalli Agro (Brand owner of MangoTastic brand) has the necessary approvals and received training for mango exports. Patapalli Agro is also associated with Mango Board (A Govt of Karnataka enterprise) wherein we are selected to become export farmer to designated countries based on our limited capabilities.</p> <p>We request you to share your enquiry and we shall get back to you soon.

Why choose MangoTastic?

Order a basket of the pure, natural and irresistibly sweet Patapalli mangoes for you and your loved ones.

They are packed with love and delivered from the ‘tree to your table’ in 3 to 5 days!
MangoTastic only sources fruits from the Patapalli Orchard, where we take every care to retain the natural goodness of the mangoes, which includes:

  • Carefully handpicked by our farmers
  • Naturally ripened in our orchard
  • Delivered within 5-7 days, retaining fresh and natural taste
  • Carbide, pesticide and fungicide free
  • Grown using natural manure and less-harmful inputs

Our promise of uncompromised quality

We believe in delivering the highest quality of mangoes irrespective of the variety, size and price. We strive to create a judicious blend of all sizes of mangoes in every box. Our packing is always done by weight and not by the number, hence this may result in a slightly different number of mangoes in each box.