Mallika is a hybrid mango between Neelam and Dussheri varieties. An excellent combination and considered to be among the best of the current generation Indian dessert mangoes. Mallika is a highly aromatic flavour, very sweet, silky (fibreless) along with hints of citrus (Mostly sweet orangy!) and melon.

We work on a cycle of collating pre-orders and deliver them as per that.

Please inspect fruits after they reach. If they are unripe, you can allow it ripen inside the box. Here’s a simple ripening guide.

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• A hybrid variety, combining Neelam and Dasheri mangoes
• Considered one of the best contemporary Indian dessert mangoes
• Highly aromatic, sweet flavour with hints of citrus and melon
• Sweet and silky (fibreless) pulp, deep orange in colour when ripe
• Flattened oblong shape, with a round base and irregular, non-waxy skin

Fruit delivered between May and June. We deliver export quality fruits of 300gms and above.


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