Sindhoora (Lalbagh)

Mango_Sindhoora (Lalbagh)

Sindhoora (Lalbagh)


RAJGIRA as its known in some parts of Karnataka is also known as Sindhoora mango in most parts of India. Rajgira is very elongated in shape, because of its extreme sweetness and flavour, it is also known as Honey Mango.

We work on a cycle of collating pre-orders and the delivered as per that.

Please inspect fruits after they reach. If they are unripe, you can allow it ripen inside the box. Here’s a simple ripening guide.

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  • Also known as ‘Sindhoora’ or ‘Senthoora’ in many parts of India
  • Elongated in shape with very soft, juicy flesh that melts in the mouth
  • Popularly called Honey Mango owing to its extreme sweetness and flavour
  • Can’t be stored for long, must be consumed within 2-3 days after delivery

Fruit delivered in May and June.


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