is by farmers for consumers and farmers. Mangoes are perishable fruits if kept over a period of time. Hence any return is like to spoil the quality and life of the product. We don’t accept returns and replacement is initiated in the following conditions where:

  • We are unable to deliver due to unavailability of the ordered variety as a result of lesser yield/crop. In this case, customers would be given an option to choose another variety. In such cases, balance amount if any will be refunded after the completion of the harvesting season (Mid July to end July month). In case if you want a full refund, we can initiate that as well.
  • If you receive pressed, damaged, squeezed or crushed deliveries of mangoes due to issue in courier or logistics services.
  • Sometimes the fruits that look perfectly good from outside may be bad or rotten inside which would be rare though. We will offer replacement for such bad or rotten fruits as it’s not as per our quality criteria. You are expected to inform us in 12 hrs of receipt of such mangoes.
  • There is no need to return the mangoes to claim a refund as this arrangement is made by us in good faith. However, the customer may be required to send pictures of the mangoes by WhatsApp to 96202 41345/Email ( in support of their claim as well as to help us identify the problem or cause.
  • Refunds or replacement will not be made if the claim is the result of spoilage of fruit due to over-ripening or long/wrong storage. Consumers are encouraged to order only the quantity that they can readily consume within the normal shelf life of the mangoes.

Refunds will be made via NEFT OR to the same payment source only at the end of the mango season upon submission of the relevant bank details such as customer name, bank name, account numberand IFSC along with the complaint.

Ph: +91-9620241345


Once you place an order or pre-order, fruits from Patapalli orchards or from nearby farms are harvested to fulfil your orders. Fruits are harvested to match up to the demand and also to ensure qualitative naturally ripened mangoes. So, as a policy, orders once placed and paid for would not be cancelled. It can be at our sole discretion, consider postponement of your order; provided we get your update fast enough and it ends up to be operationally viable.

In case of unavoidable situation, if we are not able to provide you a replacement, for reasons including but not limited to ending of harvesting season, reduced yield/crop/production, non availability of courier service, etc, refund of your paid amount would be initiated.

In most cases, the refund will be made to the same payment source from which the payment was made from. If not, refund will be issued to a bank account, the details of which will be sought from the email id which was used for placing order. The refunds will be remitted to your accounts after the mango season ends, in between 1 to 15 July of the year. However, in case of any failed transactions, payment would be reversed by the payment gateway or the bank. We are there to help in such transactions.

Ph: +91-9620241345


Mangoes are delivered by third-party logistics and courier service companies. Our efforts are to ensure that we handover mangoes in the best possible state so that, it reaches you in a manner to consume. Last stage of ripening would also happen at your place. Mangoes / mango boxes are under the control of logistics companies after our handover. Our efforts are to ensure that mangoes are at their best. Status update is sent to you after the shipment is handed over to logistics company.

Replacement and/or refunds will not be applicable as the orders cannot be cancelled once placed. We can cancel due to unavailability of the stock of mangoes. Your efforts for change in order or refund after the mangoes reach your city, wherein delivery to you is delayed due to your unavailability, did not answer the call, or requested a later date for delivery. Mangoes are perishable fruits and delayed deliveries hasten their perishability. So, we would not be liable to give any replacement or refund in such cases where the status check with the logistics company shows that a later delivery was requested. It would be good if customers suggest to leave the mango shipment with a neighbour in case of their non-availability.

Mango boxes delivery is done at the same address mentioned in the order. No changes are allowed in it. Customers from large apartment complexes/block/societies, mango boxes are delivered at the security if logistics companies are not allowed till respective flats. A message/ communication would be provided after handover. Once delivered, it will be the customer’s responsibility to take delivery of the boxes.

  •  As mangoes grown in our own orchard and from farmers joining hands with MangoTastic are sold through us, delivery dates can vary depending upon the variety. Mangoes mature are harvested for ripening and different varieties mature at different times of the season. So, it would not be possible to expedite the deliveries as the natural ripening cycle of mangoes is dependent upon several environmental factors that are out of human control and will not depend upon availability of the same variety in the local market (they are sourced from different geographical areas whose harvesting season varies a bit as well).
  • As against other grocery/fruit; veggie/mango selling websites who are able to guarantee delivery in a specific time frame as they source their mangoes from different producers in different areas, we would not be able to provide an exact date or a date window for delivery. However, our best efforts are to give you a 24-48 hrs advanced notice on the likely time of receiving mango boxes. We have to wait for the correct harvesting time for each variety. Customers must therefore expressly understand before placing online order that the mangoes will be delivered only when they are fully ripe and ready for dispatch as per nature’s timelines.
  • Arrival of each variety of mangoes will be announced on our website and social media pages from time to time along with its delivery schedule.
  • Deliveries will be made in the order in which the bookings have been received.

NOTE: Mangoes from Patapalli Orchards may not be as colorful as the ones you find in market. Since these are naturally ripened ones, colour of the mangoes will have a mix of green and yellow color on the outside. Taste and health of the mangoes is something for which you would consider us.