The Patapalli Orchard

The Mango Man

The Patapalli orchard is lovingly nurtured by Mr. Gopala Reddy, a Retired Civil Engineer and an agriculturist by birth. He took on the mantle of mango cultivation from his forefathers out of his sheer love for the fruit. He is actively supported by his children, who have given up their thriving software careers to help flourish the ‘king of fruits’.

All-natural goodness

The mangoes grown at the Patapalli orchard are not only grown traditionally but also ripened naturally, devoid of harmful chemicals and preserving the natural taste and nutrition of the fruits. We ensure that only the best mangoes handpicked from our orchard and ripened carefully are packed for you.

Harvesting joy

At Patapalli Orchard, we want our mangoes to sweeten the lives of our farmers too. By delivering mangoes straight from the Farm to Consumer (F2C), we ensure that our farmers get the rates they deserve, which they never do by selling through middlemen. Which is why, with every basket of mangoes you buy, you get a heartfelt “thank you” note from our farmers!

Based on our consumers’ response to MangoTastic, we intend to get more farmers on board and sweeten their lives too!