Why choose MangoTastic?

Growing, harvesting and ripening mangoes the natural way takes time, patience and experience. At MangoTastic, we believe it is totally worth our effort as the delight with which our consumers devour our mangoes is as pure and genuine as the fruit itself.

MangoTastic only sources fruits from the Patapalli Orchard, where we take every care to retain the natural goodness of the mangoes. There are few partner farmers who have expressed interest to engage with us and carry out harvesting, ripening under our supervision.

We carry out:

  • Multiple harvesting over weeks to ensure naturally ripened fruits
  • Natural ripening method* used at our own packaging centre
  • IIHR mandated practices for fruits setting, harvesting and ripening
  • Delivering from ‘tree to consumer’ in max. 5-7 days

We encourage customers to pre-order between 5th to 15th of every month (Apr, May, Jun months) and get deliveries between 20th to 30th of respective months (Apr, May, Jun).

*The IIHR (Indian Institute of Horticultural Research)’s approved method of natural ripening: Usage of ripening chambers using ethylene gas, a natural gas generated by fruits during the ripening process. Ethylene gas circulation from external sources supports the natural ripening of mangoes at our state-of-the-art Ripening and Packing house at Patapalli Orchards.